2011 In Review: Summertime (and the living is....)

Well, things really broke for me in July, August, and September this year. In August I had my interview with Wave, and consequent hiring, which lead to my moving to Kirkland and all the joy since. It was definitely a new chapter, in the best possible sense.
My theme was absolutely Feelin' Good (which, though I love the Nina Simone version, I must go with the Michael Buble version here, for the pacing)

I reached 100 Followers! And hosted a giveaway to celebrate.
I got hooked on RAK (Random Acts of Kindness).
I wrapped up my series on boudoir photography and posing.

I got a new job.
I got a new flat.
I had a blast with Mamarazzi's Favorite Colors Swap.
I had mixed feelings about turning 30, which went away after a bucket of margarita.

I got to fight zombies! Ok, run away from them. Still!
I had this brilliant idea to blog about my costumes (*coughcoughfail*).
Miss Angie and I hosted the first annual Swapoween.