Friday Confessional


I confess...
Blue really hurt me, more than I let on. I can't help but be a little paranoid now, when a guy that I like ignores my texts. I ought to be more patient, and give them a day to respond before I get twitchy, but the panic rises....I can't help it. It makes me feel needy and broken and I HATE that.

I confess...
I really like both of the guys that I went on dates with last weekend. I also have a teensy crush on a guy here at work. My crush-gland and my libido are in full swing!

I confess...
I am behind on ornament baking, stocking decorating, jewelry making, costuming, and putting art up on my walls. However, I am done with Xmas gifts, wrapping, plans with the family, and holiday decorations. Yay!

Yeah, I know, this one is short. What can I say? I'm still catching up on sleep. ;)