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This post brought to you by LG DoublePlay™. All opinions are 100% mine.

So who else has a phone contract expiring soon??

Personally, I'm looking at getting the LG DoublePlay (from T-Mobile) to replace my Samsung thingie (that's close enough to the official brand, right?). 

Here's the cool parts about the LG DoublePlay:

If all of this sounds more like a computer than a're right! Personally, I almost never talk on my cell phone. It hurts my ears, I'm awkward (not in a cute way) on the phone, and I can't do it while at work. But texting? Surfing the 'net? Checking email? Taking random photos of my current experience to blog about? These things are top priority for me in a mobile phone.

I send about 200 text messages a month when I'm blazing (i.e. being a social planner butterfly chick). And if my phone could do it right now, I'd use it for social marketing constantly, especially during the holidays when I have hours of down time and no laptop with me (and usually some video I desperately want to share with someone). I'm most excited about the HD recorder, though. Me with video capabilities (and a better mobile camera) would be dangerously fun!

What about you guys- are you big into using social media on your phones? Do you prefer texting to talking?

Check out the LG DoublePlay™ for yourself!

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