We Want to Know Wednesday


{1} What is your favorite cookie to eat?
Chocolate chip- but it's gotta be homemade. That store bought crap is just insulting.

{2} Have you ever done a cookie exchange? 
I haven't! I'd love to, though. I used to bake 6 or 7 different cookie recipes with my Mom, and make plates of different ones for neighbors and teachers. I miss having a big weekend of cookie baking.

{3} How are you doing on your holiday shopping?
I shop at local stores and Etsy primarily (I try to ONLY shop there, but it doesn't always work). And I do my shopping before December whenever possible.

{4} What is your holiday shopping style? 
I like getting stocking stuffers (we don't do gifts) throughout the year, as I find the perfect ones. I really hate being under stress to buy things last-minute, and from big stores. I prefer unique, crafted items that are perfect for the person.

{5} Light displays...do you put them on your house? What is your style and your fave kind to see? 
I don't have a house, so when I can I put up my one string of lights inside (this year, they're above the sliding glass door). 
I change opinion on favorite light type (colored, white, icicle, etc) often, but I have always preferred static lights to blinking lights, and I really true dislike when people make their house busy with huge light displays and animatronics and such. To me, that's just tacky. Simplicity in light choice, especially when it follows the outline of the house, or is just draped around the bushes, is totally charming.

*Thank you to Pinterest for supplying me with great photos for this post, none of which are mine. :)