You'd think it was the holiday season

This year, I have had the busiest holiday season EVER. Is it because I have Fedora and a house? Because I'm unemployed and hermit time is over? Or is it because Pinterest is deliciously evil? Whatever the reason, this is what I've been up to lately:
(homemade eggnog)

(12 Days of Christmas swap)

(building a gingerbread castle)

(holiday cards)

(baking cookies)

(LOTS of baking cookies)

(homemade creamer)

(handmade book tree- needs lights)

(home decorating for the holidays)

(experimenting with nail polish designs)

Not Pictured: Joe's bladder troubles, more house issues, holiday parties, dividing the holidays between two families, lack of sleep, lots of home-cooked meals, volunteering at a local production of "Miracle on 34th Street", subjecting Fedora to holiday music and movies, gift wrapping, and sewing ventures.

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