How to Pick the Perfect Earrings (+ a discount)

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This post should have gone live before Christmas, but hey- 2014 is a brand new opportunity for gift-giving. ;)

I wanted to share some little tips and tidbits I've learned over the years, shopping for (and making) jewelry for myself, my mother, friends, and relatives. Specifically, earrings. Necklaces can be made longer or shorter, and most people are easy to discern if they prefer wearing chunky statement pieces, small chain-and-pendant pieces, etc etc.
stud earrings
But earrings? Unless the gift recipient has outright said "I only wear French Hooks" or "I only wear studs" it can be hard to tell. And since earlobes are easily covered by hair, it can be hard to discern by staring at them (as well as being generally creepy). So this is what I've learned:

If the recipient has a wide face (whether it's jowls, square jaw, etc) you want to avoid dainty, tiny earrings. These will make their face look even wider, in proportion. Look for a large stud earring (doesn't have to be huge- you don't want to hurt them- but something that takes ip 3/4 or so of their earlobe real estate). Or a dangle that extends below their jawline, thus drawing the eyes down instead of focusing the eye at their jaw.
If the recipient has a petite, small face/features, focus on studs that are size-proportionate, or dangles that extend just below their earlobe (not shoulder-dusters). This will bring sophistication without making them look childlike, wearing mom's accessories.

stud earrings
If the recipient has a long face (including those with a double chin, like me), focus on dangle earrings that are shorter or longer than the bottom of their face (i.e. if the earring ends at the same level as the chin, it will box the face in).
As for colors, really, anything goes. I've been people who look bad wearing a specific shade of yellow, look great with that shade in earrings. Since we focus (usually) on matching accessories to outfit, it's great to have a variety of colors and textures to choose from.
Of course, if this is a formal occasion, you can't go wrong with bling earrings. I try to avoid large dangling bling (for weight, as well as Las-Vegas-Hooker-esqueness). And you can easily get bling in colors (if she has enough cubic zirconium and pearls). Mont Bleu, in Europe, hand makes a variety of gorgeous Stud earrings with crystals and Stud earrings with crystal pearls, using SWAROVSKI┬« ELEMENTS as their crystals. We're all familiar with those high-flash crystals, right?

stud earrings
They also use hypo-allergenic metals in their stud posts- which brings me to another important part. ALWAYS BUY EARRINGS WITH HYPO-ALLERGENIC METALS. I know many women who have no issue with metals, react to earring studs and hooks. Better to be safe than sorry! (and of course, if she's allergic to metal, buy her earrings with plastic studs!)

And while I'm a fan of people gifting jewelry of all types (especially handmade), I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you that you can use sale code SSE14 to get a 30% discount on all earrings in the Mont Bleu E-shop.

If you want some ideas on what you can get there, or just some jewelry eye candy, check out the Mont Bleu "Our Pinterest" page. Happy gifting!
stud earrings
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