Museum of Glass is a Must-See

If you're visiting Seattle, or live around here, one of the places you should definitely go is the Museum of Glass. OK, technically it's in Tacoma (and why else would you go there?!) but it's worth the traffic and the stink of the mudflats.

The Museum of Glass is both a museum (with rotating glass art exhibits from around the globe) and a hot shop (i.e. where the blown glass magic happens) that's open to the public. Also, a delicious cafe and gift shop.

I've been there twice now, and each time it's been fun and educational. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice to say there's a lot of gorgeous glass things (blown and fused). Check it out!

(the hot shop, with Dale Chihuly, the founder and controversial artist, in attendance. He's the grey-haired guy in black at the bottom with his back to us.)

The exhibit featured art from a one-of-a-kind glass school in Australia)

(sorry for the pic quality- it was taken on my phone)

(the color, including the black, is fused during the glass blowing process)

(That's a lot of layering of colored glass in patterns!)

(See the landscape?)

(My favorite triptych)

(A 3-D layered glass cityscape)

* This post is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with the Tacoma Museum of Glass, I just like sharing little nuggets of awesome with you lovelies.

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