Printcess is Officially Open!

Many thanks to my friends, fans, and contest hopefuls for your enduring patience with the process of opening my store, Printcess.

I am proud and pleased to announce that Printcess is open for business! And to kick things off, I'm having a Release Day Party! Through the entire month of January, every product is Buy 3 Get 1 Free.
Plus, I include samples of current and never-carried colors with every order, so you can try something new!

Printcess is entirely owned and operated by me, and I handcraft mineral makeup inspired by literature. I carry both matte and shimmer eye shadows, so there's something for everyone. These loose mineral powders have incredible staying power, layer very well for a range of subtle-to-intense looks, and can be applied with your fingers/brushes/sponges/etc.

I have the Literature collection live right now, and very soon I'll be adding more. I actually spent last night mixing micas like a mad scientist, instead of partying the new year in. Because I love this new hobby/job THAT much!
(and also because I'm too old and tired to stay up until midnight, drinking to excess and acting like I'm still 21)

I have big plans for Printcess this year, and beyond. I would love your feedback on my colors, and on any of my products that you try. And if you want to be part of the Book Club, and be privy to special discount codes, advanced notice of sales, and the news on upcoming collections, you can sign up for that here.

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