J'adore Influenster

I received a brand new Influenster VoxBox on Thursday. For those unfamiliar, Influenster connects brands to bloggers with a mutually beneficial system. We bloggers get free stuff, which we review, and brands that donate stuff get free feedback and marketing.
Everybody wins!

So what did I get in this love-themed box?
Red Rose Simply Indulgent "Creme Caramel" tea, Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes, Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Flat-Iron Spray, Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask, Hershey's Kisses

WTF, Influenster?! 
Flat Irons are of the devil, and this curly-haired cutie is NOT even trying this product. Massive pass. 
On a box that made me smile, this was the one sour note. I'm actually rather offended that Influenster would just assume all of their VoxBox bloggers can and would use a flat iron, let alone a straightening product.

Red Rose is now making flavored teas. Move over, Celestial Seasonings, there's a new game in town!

Oh, Kiss, how I love you. Not only did your diva lashes hold up to heavy abuse during my run on stage with Guys & Dolls, but now you make tapered-ends lashes designed to subtly make my own natural lashes look thicker. 
I will be wearing these babies to my brother's wedding in May!

Boots is a brand I trust, so I'll be trying this...but I'm a little concerned. This mask is designed to "absorb excess oil and deeply cleanse skin". Well, Influenster, I have the driest of dry skin. I have to lather coconut oil on my face TWICE a day just to keep from having flaking, cracked cheeks.
So either this will absorb no oil, but still clean....or I'll have to repair the damage it does to my face.

UPDATE: Amazingly, happily, this mask is gentle on my dry skin. It exfoliates, but doesn't overdry. In fact, when I use it and moisturize afterward, my skin is seriously supple. I'll be using this 1/week from now on!

KISSES! Who doesn't love them?
They're milk chocolate, but I'll forgive them that, because they're darned adorable.
 And you can make fun crafts out of them. AND I still remembering being asked for a kiss, in middle school, and handing one of these over to the hopeful boy. BAM! That's how I roll. 

I love you all! Go get you some Influenster VoxBox of your own, and work that blogger power.

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