Glam Street Is Right Up My Alley

Have you heard about the new website, Glam Street?

It's a FREE online marketplace for makeup PLUS it has a virtual makeup trying-on app.

This means you can, shop for the perfect shade of lipstick in one place, determining whether the shade looks right on you, getting tips for application/recommendations for brands, & being able to purchase it in one fell swoop.

Could it get any better?!

The virtual app process took me about 10 minutes to set up- they have you select points around and within your face, to I highly recommend snapping a quick pic of you, sans makeup, looking straight at the camera (no head tilt).

With this site, you can try on tons of products from known name brands like Smashbox, Clinique, Marc, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, etc.

In just a few moments, I found that BareMinerals makes a great evening-look lipstick for me...

AND that Clinique's CC cream (something I've been wanting to try for some time now) would work for me in Light Medium or Medium (need to post a photo of me in sunlight to determine which shade would work best). AND that Benefit Fakeup concealer (which I desperately want to try) works best for my face in Medium.
*does happy dance*

You can also...
Learn more about a product:

Layer cosmetics (like eyeshadow & eyeliner):

Control the level of coverage for every cosmetic you try on:

(see the plus/minus sign? That controls coverage level for every cosmetic)

Create a look (faces/eyes/lips) and save it:

Post product reviews:

Share your looks via social media:

Check which products you tried on already:

Compare Before & After looks:

Fill out a profile for yourself:

Get makeup tips/tricks:

And more! Coming soon: a community board, to ask questions, trade tips and ideas, etc with other makeup mavens. I can start asking folks if Bobbi Brown's Brightening Powder is OK for dry skin...yay!

Want to learn more? Check out their Facebook page for more info, and follow them on Twitter,
(Note: this site does not play well with Safari)

I received this product from BrandBacker in exchange for my honest opinion.

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