True Story Thursday

It's been a busy two weeks! I...

Made pickled jalapenos (recipe coming in a few weeks!)

Transplanted to first of my successful seedlings (a sugar snap pea)
And also planted carrots, and green onions.

I've had 6 job interviews, via the phone and in person. SIX
After going 4 months with 0 job interviews, SIX in one week. That's a lot of practicing my makeup skills.

Am hosting a sale over at Printcess. Pssst! Check the Printcess blog for the promo code.

Went through certification to get this:
(licensed to be a bartender in WA)
(also got my food handler's permit)
(currently studying drink recipes)
(currently remembering how much I dislike studying)

(We got some glorious sunshine)

What's been going on in your week?