True Story Thursday

AFK Elixirs & Eatery is now open from 11am to 3am, 7 days a week! So I've been busy juggling shifts and helping tighten the setup and expectations into something manageable. As much as I hate that I can't make my rent on minimum wage, I love the environment and the people here.

Speaking of, I'm planning my costume for our future Harry Potter themed night...

Because of said financial difficulties, I got a second job (temp, part-time) in an office as a Copywriter. I don't start for a week, but I'm concerned about the awkwardness of transitioning daily from professional copywriter in an office for an outdoor apparel company to geek-infused bartender at a bar & grill. It feels, at the outset, a little MPD.

Also, this happened.

Some folks were sad that my River Song locks were chopped, but I'm relieved- no more unintentionally eating my hair or blinding myself when I lean forward! Huzzah!

That's about it for this week. What's been going on for you?