True, Saturday?

This is late, because my week is chaos. But it's the Ides of March, so that's fitting.

I'm (finally) gainfully employed! I am now a bartender at AFK Elixirs & Eatery (a geek-themed restaurant, bar, and meeting place) that is officially!

The past 2 weeks have been a 'Beta Test' (invite friends and family only, to come harass the staff and stress the kitchen and see if we survive). I've more-or-less rocked it, but it's been the night shift (5pm-3am), which my body doesn't know what to do with.

Fedora hung improvised black-out curtains on the bedroom windows, so I could get more than three hours of sleep (I wake when the sun rises).
This means I go to sleep between 3am and 4am, and wake up around noon and feel disoriented for about 4 hours, and then go to work and do well and then start feeling blurry around 11pm and repeat the entire cycle all over again.

Fedora has been such a sweetheart, despite not getting to see me. He made me brunch on my one day off:

He's being extra patient with me, doing all the chores himself, and even watering the seedlings while I stumble around like a zombie, trying to adjust.

I only have to do this for another week, gods willing, before I can garner the day shift. I will offer anything to have the day shift- I miss getting to see my boyfriend, and normal sleep, and don't even start on my hunger/eating schedule fubar-ness.

This job is fun, but it definitely reminds me that I'm *ahem* "too old for this shit". I pulled an 11-hour shift on Thursday, and Friday work with sore and swollen wrists, aching back/legs/feet/knees, and emotional exhaustion (a beta customer complained about poor bar service & I started crying). This might also be because my period decided NOW would be a great time to happen....for an entire week.

The perks of working at a geek-themed tavern: I can finally wear (and buy more of) the witty geek-reference tees that I love, I'm surrounded by high-energy youngsters that make me feel more energized during my shift, and they have taken to calling me River Song. *happy*
(it's the hair....Alex Kingston is 10x prettier than I am, but we have the same curls)

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