Fairytale Fortnight Cover Design Fun

Who doesn't love designing covers? When Misty over at The Book Rat announced her Create-A-Cover  challenge for Fairytale Fortnight, I dropped everything and got my Gimp on.

I had a give a shout out to my German folklore. Be a dutiful servant and you get gold, yo!
Photo Credit: Eyefeather-Stock

One of my favorite tales...who doesn't want to see this set in high school, ala The Breakfast Club?!
(just wish I could make a better font for you)
Photo Credit: Background & Girl

Truth be told, I wasn't aware of this tale until I read (and loved) Sarah Cross' Kill Me Softly. And one side character caught my eye. And OMG do I want to know what happens to her!
Photo Credit: TearzStock

I was going to stop at three, honest. But I saw this photo and it just screamed Little Mermaid to me. I imagine Ariel, at this moment, regretting her choice to leave her watery home for the sake of a handsome stranger, and contemplating jumping back in.
Photo Credit: E Dina PhotoArt

What do you think? Got a request??

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