Harry Potter Costumes for the Quidditch World Cup

Did you watch the Quidditch World Cup? Fedora and I are both Harry Potter fans, so when Wholesale Halloween Costumes asked me to review something, I jumped all over this Hooded Cape with Closure.

You better believe we'll be re-watching the series, from the first Harry Potter movie to the tearful, bitter end, in this. And nomming on Bertie Botts. While we plan (as always) our eventual trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter AND the backstage stuff in London. *le sigh*

For the record, Fedora grabbed this cape and put it on while still in his PJs before I had a chance to. He was like a kid at Christmas...as you can see.
Doesn't look like much from the package...

Hey! Nicely-stitched hems all around for security and longevity. The fabric feels like fleece, nice and soft and probably warm.

This odd lining is more red than pink..but it's still a bit pink. My sole complaint on this cloak is that this lining flap should be secured, not flapping in the breeze. I'm gonna have to hand tack it down.

Nice Gryffindor patch! All stitched and sewn on, looks very official and hand-embroidered and all. They don't come in other house sigils, but since Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor, that's fitting.

On a side note, I thought I'd be Hufflepuff, and Fedora thought he'd be Gryffindor, but I got sorted into Gryffindor and he got sorted into Hufflepuff. At least neither of us got Slytherin! ;)

You can see the lining pooches out a bit there

It comfortably fits Fedora, who is 5'7", so I think it'd fit any adult well.

Pointed hood on the back (ignore the fact that my flash makes it look grey, please- it's black).

The hood is slightly oversized--perfect!--so it fits as it ought to. 

He freaking loves this robe.

We couldn't agree on where, exactly, the removable closure clasp goes, but you can see it works. And the arms are a good length and width, considering you'll be wearing at least 1 layer under it.

Messing with the closure clasp...

Nice amount of mobility within the robe. It flows as you move, but it's heavy enough to not just randomly billow. Definitely a wizard's cloak!

That's the clasp with one end secure, the other flipped up. When secured, they look like two textured black buttons. But in fact, they clamp down separately, so you can move it to any area you like, and remove it if preferred. It's metal and plastic, so it should last well, too. 

I like the weight, softness, stitch quality, size (length and width), and details (patch, closure) of this hooded robe.
I wish the partial lining were more red than pinkish, and were tacked down so it peeked around the edges without flapping out all wrinkled and the like. The first one, que sera sera, but at least the second thing I can fix.

Overall, I'm very happy with this and will be fighting Fedora over the chance to wear it whenever we're in that kind of mood. Or maybe I'll just do up a Lavender Brown or Hermoine costume for Halloween. Muahahah! *ahem*

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