It's Mug o' Comfort Swap Recap Time

Well, OK, I'm late to this party (yay for crazy scheduleness!).

So Miss Angie and I host swaps at Chaotic Goddess Swaps, and our most recent one was the Mug o' Comfort swap. Given that it's a Wintry Spring for most of the country in March, it's one of my favorites....a new mug, some new tea/coffee/cocoa/cider/etc, and a new blog friend. What could be better??

I was paired up with Katie from Spirit of Children's Literature. If you like books, especially MG and YA, you really should check her site out. She reviews children's books from the standpoint of spirituality (not a specific religion or belief, but the concept of it). She also teaches Kid Lit when she's not blogging....and Kid Lit was a favorite subject of mine when I was in college. Yay!


In addition, she has fantastic taste in mugs! She got this lovely for me from a local artist in her area. It's my colors (blue and green)! I love the size, too, and the swirl inside the bottom.

This is going to be a special-occassion-only mug!

She also got me tasty-smelling Yogi Tea (Chai Green and Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut...yum!) & Numi Tea (Numi is our favorite!), two adorable bookmarks, and a DoTerra Orange oil!

I have been wanting to try DoTerra oils out, as everyone raves about them. This one is specifically good for treating allergies, asthma, and tiredness. 
I really look forward to trying it out, especially as my allergies are now in full swing.

Thanks so much, Katie! I love all of it, and can't wait to use and try everything! :D

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