A Tale of Two Blogs

Notice anything new around here?
With the help of the talented Miss Angie from My So-Called Chaos, I got a makeover!

I've been keeping a blog for Printcess, in addition to a Printcess Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. And with the new job, and my health issues, and everything else that's going on, I just don't have time to manage all that unique content. Things were getting very ignored.

The solution?

I've combined them!

This is still Living a Goddess Life. But it's also Printcess: the blog. You can expect weekly book reviews, eye of the week looks, nail art/polish looks, product reviews, recipes, tutorials, swap reveals, and random fun.

Speaking of which...what makeup wearing questions can I answer? What small business owner questions can I answer? What DIY makeup questions can I answer? Ask it here, or in a comment on any post, and I'll make a post or two with the answer for you.

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