Eye of the Week: Nancy Drew Peepers

Nancy Drew Mysteries 

You can keep your Hardy Boys. Curious, practical Nancy Drew gets my vote for favorite literary sleuth. Plus, she's stylish! Check out her fabulous 30's ensemble there.

Printcess Eye of the Week ~ Nancy Drew 

Taking a cue from Ms. Drew, I did my eyes in chic blurple, myself. That's Printcess Narrative on my brow bone, Royals in my crease, Happily Ever After on my lid, and Slippers lining my lower waterline, to open my eyes up more.

  Printcess Eye of the Week ~ Nancy Drew 

For the record, I don't usually use primer when I make Eye of the Week posts, because I assume you guys don't, either.
Do you? 
'Cuz I can start using primer and make this look better, if you like. But for now, I'm going to go solve me some mysteries....

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