Favorite Color Swap Recap and Reveal

As the flowers are in bloom and the warm weather has moved in (temporarily, at least, in Seattle), it's time to reveal the goodies I got in the Favorite Color Swap.
And boy did I get goodies!

I was partnered with the fabulous Jennifer of Innerworkings of the Female Mind. She's a fellow Washington blogger, and huge soccer and Sounders fan. Which is awesome, because I work one block from the stadium where they play! I wonder how often we've passed each other on the street?
(isn't she adorable?!)

Jennifer's favorite color is pink, and I had a ton of fun finding her cute little pink things. Lately, I've been gravitating toward peacock teal, mint green, and Tiffany's blue.
She wrapped everything in this adorable Tiffany's blue wrapping paper. With polka dots!

A shimmery peacock feather journal, a Bic 4-color pen (hell yeah! I loved those, when I was a kid), a purple polka dot key chain, "Stuff every woman should know"- a pretty color and a hilarious how-to guide), and a teal floral vinyl coin pouch for my business cards (this is brilliant, as I can't find my black leather business card holder!).

Another shot of the book and pouch, plus shades (the future's so bright), and Eos sweet mint chapstick (perfect, since I'm addicted to lip moisturizing things, and it's a gorgeous mint green color and it's a flavor Fedora likes).

Three nail polishes (in my three favorite colors). My favorite is the peacock teal one, which is dead-on for hue.
Also a chunky blue bracelet, earrings, and a wee (handmade??) yarn and metal bracelet.

Thank you so much, Jennifer! Pawing through these goodies was the highlight of my week, and I can't wait to wear and use and read all of it!

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