Let's Talk...BB/CC/DD Creams

Stacie from Park Avenue asked me to de-mystify BB (and CC) creams. Like me, she needs simple. But when all these non-foundation, tinted moisturizers claim to be the best thing since sliced bread, what's a gal to do?

BB Creams
CC Creams
DD Creams
Stands for
Beauty Balm
Color Correcting
Dynamic or Derma
Liquid or Creamy
Whipped or Fluffy
Liquid or Creamy
Primarily for
Moisturize, reduce pore size, anti-aging stuff
Neutralize redness, blotches, etc
Diminish signs of aging, like a serum
Usually includes
Oils, vitamins, antioxidants, SPF
Light-diffusing elements, SPF
Vitamins, antioxidants, SPF
Can be used as a
Tinted moisturizer, light-coverage foundation, primer
Tinted moisturizer, light-coverage concealer, primer
Anti-aging serum, primer
Varies, tends to be light
Varies, tends to be light
Unknown, lack of diverse

Choose this if your primary concern is
Dry skin, signs of aging, overlarge pores
Pigmentation issues, uneven skin tone
Signs of aging, and you intend to use this daily

So, of course, some of it is total marketing hype. And some of it is measurable results. And every product varies in what it contains and what it promises- so read the labels!

I personally have, and use, the following creams*:

Physician's Formula Super BB Cream
+ Much paler than my normal shade (cancels out redness, but I have to use blush and bronzer with it to look alive)
+ Medium coverage, but feels airy

(before BB Cream)

(after BB Cream)

Rimmel 9-in-1 BB Cream
+ Medium coverage
+ Cancels redness
+ Minimal settling into pores, but I don't think it does all 9 things it claims to

(before BB Cream)

(after BB Cream)

(a broader perspective)

Studio Gear CC Cream
+ Excellent skin tone matching
+ Light coverage but did tone down my redness
+ Light-refracting, so it makes me look dewy even though it settles a bit into my pores
(before CC Cream)

(after CC Cream)

* It bears noting that the texture of these creams on my skin will be different for each person. I have dry, flaky, large-pore cheeks, so please only use these photos as evidence of product coverage.

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