Nail Files: Shores of Paradise

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My love letter to ALiquid Lacquer continues...

Shores of Paradise is from her Silmarillion collection. I can't stop rubbing my nails now, with this textured glitterbomb that I swear looks like the mica of a beach. 
It was really difficult to get picture of this polish on my nails- it kept creating a lens flare! This is two coats, but only because I (just barely) managed to stop myself from mesmerizingly continuing to put them on.

The scene that inspired this polish, as Alison tells it, is:

 "...They sailed in their swift ships on the waters of the Bay of Elvenhome, or walked in the waves upon the shore with their hair gleaming in the light beyond the hill. Many jewels the Noldor gave them, opals and diamonds and pale crystals, which they strewed upon the shores and scattered in the pools; marvellous were the beaches of Elende in those days."

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