Tips & Tricks: Making Falsies Work

False eyelashes have a bad rap, as heavy, unwieldy, difficult to apply, and obviously fake. This may have been true in the '80's, but a LOT has changed in the cosmetics industry...including eyelashes!

My favorite brand, for those special occasions when I want a little more around my peepers, is KISS. I wore one pair of their Vixen eyelashes for 10 performances of Guys & Dolls, and never once had a problem. Here's how easy they are to apply. If accident-prone-shaking-hands me can do it, you can do it.

Some things to note:
+ Let the glue on the lashes dry for 15-30 seconds before applying. Then wait another 30 seconds or more post-applying before putting any eye makeup on.

+ When applying, align the lashes to where your lashes meet your eyelid flesh, and press the middle bit down first. That allows for an easier alignment of the outer bit, and then the inner bit. If you miss the mark, you CAN and SHOULD gently peel up the offending piece and re-lay it down.

+ The glue applies white, but dries clear. However, if you're very worried, use a straight-edge brush and dab powder eyeshadow as liner, right over the edge where the false eyelashes meet your skin.
Most people I know put the false eyelashes on after the eye makeup, but I do it the other way around. Doesn't seem to affect anything.


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