True Story Thursday

Bachelorette party shenanigans

I have a sister-in-law! True, the wedding was two weekends ago, but life has been hecticrazybusy and I'm still catching up.
(this is the one photo I have of myself at the wedding)

Work was insane for the past two weeks. 12 hour days, no lunch break, and somehow...I survived.

Mother's Day was a welcome break. My other brother and I took our mom out to a drag show and brunch. That's how we roll here in Seattle.
(please excuse the poor quality- it was taken with my Android. 
That's the fabulous Celys St James Black)

I've also been having a blast playing with the Silmarillion collection from ALiquid Lacquer. It's the first time I've purchased an entire indie collection (thank goodness for mini-size polishes and their less-expensive price tag!). I love the shades, and that they dry quickly. Less love for the fact that they keep popping off my nails 2-3 days after applying. Hrmm...

What's new in YOUR week?