Let's Talk...Lip Gloss

Oh, lip gloss. It's a shimmery, sheer product designed to make our lips look plumper and younger. But it's also a sticky mess that captures wind-blown hair and annoys those who kiss us. Is there a happy medium between the two? It's a question for the ages.

I regularly use 6 different kinds, depending on the affect I want. None of these photos have been altered or retouched at all.

Super-Shimmery Untinted
Philosophy "Cinnamon Buns"
+ Shimmer: Extreme. Light-refracting gold mica gives a high-gloss wet look
+ Taste/Smell: Sugar
+ Stickiness: Extreme. I can't wear this on a windy day if my hair is loose, or I want to kiss Fedora
+ Concentration: A little bit goes a long way
+ Color: None
(see how super shimmery it is, that it looks blurry?)

Envyderm "Coco"
+ Shimmer: Moderate. Light-refracting silver mica gives a wet look
+ Taste/Smell: Peppermint, owing to the irritants in here that plump your lips
+ Stickiness: Moderate. It's gummy- my lips don't stick together while wearing it, but I can't kiss Fedora
+ Concentration: Moderate. It lasts several hours, but requires a full swipe across upper and lower lips
+ Color: Reddens your lips by bringing blood to the surface

Ofra Lipgloss Plumper "Sultry"
+ Shimmer: None. It's a matte shade that markets itself as a gloss but has the consistency and tone of a lipstick.
+ Taste/Smell: None
+ Stickiness: None at all!
+ Concentration: A little bit goes a long way! Also, pretty thick.
+ Color: More burgundy wine in the tube, but moderately berry on the lips

ULTA Super Shiny "Flirtini"
+ Shimmer: Moderate. Lots of shimmer in the bottle, but the tint tones that down when applied. Makes my lips look young, but not wet.
+ Taste/Smell: None
+ Stickiness: Mild. Only one or two steps up from lipstick.
+ Concentration: Weak. I have to apply several times to get full coverage, and it seems to absorb into my lips within 2 hours.
+ Color: Pink

Revlon Colorburst "Rosepetal"
+ Shimmer: Moderate. Gives an almost metallic sheen to the pink shade.
+ Taste/Smell: None
+ Stickiness: Mild. Basically like a lipstick.
+ Concentration: Moderate. One swipe provides everything I need, and it lasts a few hours.
+ Color: Dusky pink

Jane pH-Adjusting Stain Gloss "Berry"
+ Shimmer: Mild. More of a stain than a shimmer.
+ Taste/Smell: Strawberries and Raspberries
+ Stickiness: Mild. Only one or two steps up from lipstick.
+ Concentration: Moderate. Only takes a swipe across upper and lower lips, but I keep licking it off and having to reapply! 
+ Color: Varies by user and their pH balance, but relatively neutral

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