Stretching Your Cents: Random Misc

OK, this is the last of them for now. These are the "I had no other comprehensive category for them" suggestions for saving money.

Replace your florescent & incandescent bulbs with CFL.
CFL bulbs are brighter, last longer, and don't put out heat (so you don't have to run the air conditioner to counter that heat output, or worry about burning yourself if you bump into them, etc).

Love your laptop.
Laptops, especially with LCD screens, can be up to 5 times more energy-efficient than a desktop. Keep your desktop unplugged (or in a power strip that is turned OFF) to keep it from sucking phantom power out of the outlet, and use your laptop computer whenever you can.
(BONUS: when I lived in an apartment without a heater, I'd use my laptop on bed (on my lap, atop of the covers) before bedtime and it made the cover toasty warm)

Get wood from your neighbors.
If you have a wood-burning stove or fireplace, you shouldn't ever have to pay for firewood (assuming you live in a place where trees grow). Even if you live in a suburb, plenty of folks are constantly cutting down trees, trimming branches, etc. Keep your eyes open and you'll see it everywhere. They're usually all too happy to let someone else haul it away!

Skype Christmas.
You know those holidays where family is supposed to be together, but yours lives a plane ride away? Skype is a great resource to save you the cost of airfare. Gifts can be shipped or sent from the seller, if necessary, and you can ask a family member to set up a laptop with Skype on it in the main room, so you're not missing all the fun.

And always're not alone in needing to save money, and it doesn't make you a failure, a skinflint, or any negative thing to live within your means, no matter how humble those means may be.

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