Introducing the Western Collection!

After months of hard work, and a little Louis L'amour nostalgia, I'm proud to introduce....
the Western collection!

To be honest, one of my favorite gems of this forgotten novel genre is The Outcasts of Poker Flat, which is a bit of a genre lampoon but still sweet.

Is it the big dream concept of Westerns that I love?
The gray morality that defines the characters?
The code of honor, even among outlaws?
The challenging of law, politics, history, and oppressors?
The cowboys?
(who am I kidding? D, all of the above!)


When I was a wee tot, my parents took us driving to every ghost town and historical site in CA, UT, AZ and NV. Calico was the first one that interested me, and so I name this gorgeous matte blurple in honor of it. 


Wyoming, Montana, Texas...they can be brown in the summer, but once the rains start they burst forth in sage and wildflowers. It must have been an inspiring sight for those early homesteaders, so I created a sage-grey-green matte to celebrate that return of life to the prairie.

Heart of Gold

Oh, this trope. The woman whose heart is virtuous even though her profession is not, the representation of female mercy in a patriarchy. It endures in many genres, but began in the Western. In an appropriate match to that female-exclusive concept, I created a heliotrope purple with a golden shimmer. Nandi (and Inara) would be pleased.


In the Western, the good guys treat women with respect. Period. In an isolated community where the men far outweigh the women, the womanly role as nurturer is protected. Of course, it's limited as well. Ma'am is a dusty rose pink matte shadow, as gentle and genteel as any respected country lady.


Often romanticized in film, the outlaw in Western novels was usually the bad guy (as opposed to the vigilante). He breaks the law for his own personal ends, usually living off the land and hiding out somewhere outside of town. Since everyone loves a villain, I created this olive green matte in honor of those tough riding gangsters.


It united east and west and created several towns along the way, but also displaced people, spoiled grazing ranges, and polluted the air. This divisive iron horse was an omnipresent feature in the Old West, especially in literature, so I had to create this deep black matte as an homage to it.


What would the Western be without cowboys? These hardy men of fiction inspired me to create a matte eye shadow the same color as raw, undyed leather. 


A watering hole for thirsty men, gamblers, outlaws and rangers alike. Can't you just see the swinging doors and hear the tinny piano tune being played? This maroon shimmer eye shadow is an homage to the drinking, fighting, daring acts every Western hero encounters in this infamous place of ill repute.


Train robbers and bank robbers represent the worst bad guys in Westerns. It's not those stuck-up east coasties they're divesting of wealth, it's their hard-working rancher neighbors. With no FDIC, if your savings was stolen, it was gone- plain and simple. Heist is a matte white, like the rising fog in a valley, or the steam off a passing locomotive, perfect for hiding ne'er-do-wells.


If there's one defining feature all Western heroes have, it's stoicism. The ability to take a beating, or make a sacrifice, and keep going....quietly, calmly, and with focus. For all those characters, I made a shimmery copper with earthy bronze undertones.


So technically tumbleweeds are a light brown, all dried out and such. But they're so iconic to the Wild West (and shootouts at dawn) I couldn't help but name this cool matte brown after them. If you are familiar with my other colors, this little guy is the darkest true brown I've made.

Ah, the lone gunman who takes the law into his own hands to right a wrong. A romantic figure who breaks the rules, but has a strong ethical code. He's a beacon of light in a lawless land....and this sunny shimmery yellow is also a beacon of light! 

(by the way, that photo is of Frank H. Reid, my ancestor who was a vigilante in the 101 in Skagway, AL)

Which of these old west-inspired colors is your favorite?

You can get all of my eye shadows on Storenvy, Etsy, and BitDazzle!

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