Let's Talk...Lipstick Shades

I've been on a two-year-long quest (of mild proportions) to find the "right" lipstick shade for my skin. Sometime somewhat neutral, but with enough tint to make my lips look naturally sexy. Something that won't wear off right away. Something that I can layer under a gloss if desired. Something like the Camelot of lipsticks.

So, that's ongoing.

But so far, here's what I've found:

Lip Pencil as Lippy
Bonne Bell Lip Definer "Boysenberry"
+ Color: Cool-toned pink, matte
+ Consistency: Nearly solid, waxy like a crayon when warmed
+ Concentration: Ridiculously mild. I have to color every section of my lips with this to get color out of it. Highly recommend warming it up before this, so you don't irritate your lips trying to apply.
+ Endurance: Excellent. It really sticks to the lips, even if I layer a gloss or lipstick over it, and doesn't come off with time or eating/drinking.
+ Why wear it: It's long-lasting, and can create a primer-like base on your lips for any lipstick of your choosing

ULTA "Perfect Nude"
+ Color: Flesh-toned, matte
+ Consistency: Creamy
+ Concentration: Moderate. I get coverage with one application
+ Endurance: Moderate, although sometimes it's hard to tell it's still there...because it's the same color as my lips
+ Why wear it: It adds a smoothing layer over your lips, so they look totally natural but more youthful

Arbonne "Earth"
+ Color: Warm-toned Brown, slight shimmer
+ Consistency: Creamy with some waxiness
+ Concentration: Moderate. I get coverage with one application
+ Endurance: Moderate
+ Why wear it: It adds a very subtle layer of color to your lips, so they look nearly (but not quite) nude, and a little larger/more youthful (with the light-refracting shimmer undertone of this one, anyway)

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxy "Raise the Bar"
+ Color: Raspberry, noticeable shimmer
+ Consistency: Creamy
+ Concentration: Excellent. It's a noticeable color change, and a little bit goes a long way.
+ Endurance: Excellent. It lasted for 8 hours, through eating and drinking, with only slight fading.
+ Why wear it: It adds a noticeable color to your lips, and the shimmer (of this lippy, anyway) makes your lips appear more youthful

Sephora Cream Lip Stain "01"
+ Color: Red, matte
+ Consistency: Creamy Liquid
+ Concentration: Extreme. I have to wipe at least half off the application wand, and lightly apply what's left to my lips.
+ Endurance: Extreme. It's a stain, so it sinks in and stays, through eating and drinking, and hours and hours. I wore this on stage and it didn't budge AT ALL.
+ Why wear it: It brings attention to your lips, which is considered sexy and daring. Some reds will make your teeth look whiter.
+ Note: If wearing a bold red lipstick, balance your eyeshadow so the rest of your face looks neutral. Too eye-catching eyes with red lips makes a hot mess.

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