Literary Friday: The Nourished Kitchen

The Nourished Kitchen follows the new-ish tradition of blending recipes with education, in this case about the traditional foods movement as well as food foraging, prepping, setting aside, fermenting, flow-cooking, and brining.

It definitely taught me a thing or two (soak organ meats in milk to soften their flavor!) as well as reinforcing things I thought I knew (let your sourdough rise for 12 hours or so each time!). The recipes are simple and straightforward. No fancy gadgets or hard-to-find ingredients. In fact, most of the ingredients are things you can find in your area, at the farmer's market, when they're in season (or substitute for them).

But what really made a positive impression on me are the photographs. I'm the kind of gal who doesn't use cookbooks without photographs. I need to know what it's supposed to look like, but I also take that image as inspiration. These photos have a richness of color and texture that just make me want to make everything in this book.

I appreciate that we don't get a lecture on why fermented foods are good, processed foods bad, etc. Clearly, McGruther assumes those reading this are supporters of the traditional food (or slow food, or farm-to-table, or eat local, etc etc etc) movement. She even gives tips for those who wish to try some methods but aren't willing to pony up the capital for fancy equipment.

The result is a voice that's authentic, educated, and supportive. I would love to go foraging for berries with this woman. Or bake some pies together on a sunny afternoon. I'd love to be her neighbor, and trade chicken feet for unrefined pig fat. Because this book makes it all sound so possible and fulfilling.

I highly recommend this for fans of gorgeous, easily approachable cookbooks; farm-to-table eating; nourishing, traditional foods; gardening, foraging, and hunting.

If you're hesitant on the book, or want to see what I mean by 'gorgeous photos", check out the author's Pinterest and Instagram pages. I. Am. Drooling.

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review. This in no way compromised the honesty and integrity of my review. 

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