40 Before 40 Check-In

Happy Birthday to me!

I still have 7 years to go before I hit 40, but since I boldly committed to a decade-long to-do list, I figure I should check in with that.

  1. Learn to play the fiddle, in order to play Irish fiddle tunes 
  2. Finish my Oz novel with Pat <-- Pat annulled our friendship, so I'm striking this one off the list.
  3. Get my weight down to 160 lbs before I have my first child <-- I got it down to 158 lbs, AND I've decided against having kids. And now I don't really care what my weight is, as long as I'm healthy and happy. Yay!
  4. Plant a tree for each child, when they are conceived <-- Boy, not having kids is already freeing up my time.
  5. Own my own home <--- This is my goal for 2015
  6. Spend time with the San Juan orcas every year
  7. Adopt an orca from each pod (j, k, and l) <-- Sustained this for 2 years before poverty killed my ability to donate money to any organization. :(
  8. Travel to the Middle East and/or Northern Africa and/or Oceania and/or Asia 
  9. Act on stage again <-- Boom! Guys & Dolls
  10. Pay off all my college debt <-- Even poverty could not keep me from this goal. Yeah!
  11. Make a Victorian costume for myself <---1860's, and done!
  12. Make a Regency costume for myself
  13. Learn how to make sushi (and make some)
  14. Read at least 12 books per year <-- Or 65. You know. Whatever.
  15. Volunteer regularly <-- And how! It was my unpaid occupation for over a year. Health is keeping me from this currently.
  16. Get married
  17. Learn how to garden successfully <---Three years running!
  18. Live in a more sustainable manner (less waste, more organic, more local products)  <---Ongoing, but I'd say we do really well right now
  19. Sew more everyday outfits for myself
  20. Workout in some way (30 minutes of cardio) at least 4 times per week <--- Striking this one from the list, since I do it 5 days a week, to and from work.
  21. Communicate more effectively/often with my gods (not sure yet if this is 'learn how to ask', 'learn how to listen', or both) <--- It was a "learn how to listen". And it's an ongoing thing, but I definitely feel more comfortable with it now than I did when writing this.
  22. Submit a manuscript for publication
  23. Craft more <--- On and off ongoing. My current aim is to use up and give away my craft supplies before we move (in June)
  24. Assist with my parents' retirement <-- Paying off my college loan debt to them, and trying to be a road trip partner for their multiple post-retirement adventures.
  25. Learn how to brew my own beer <-- Guess what? Not worth the hassle. Ah, well.
  26. Learn how to say "no" more effectively <--- Ongoing, of course, but I've made strides.
  27. Beef up my retirement account <-- Ongoing, but as much as I can every month.
  28. Live on a farmstay for some amount of time
  29. Go sailing aboard a tallship again
  30. Make a feast and invite friends over for every solstice and equinox <-- Did it for 1 year. 
  31. Eat less packaged food and more fresh fruits, veggies, and meats <-- Living with Fedora has made this happen automatically. It seems I respect his belly health more than my own.
  32. Learn how to milk a cow or goat
  33. Learn how to shoot a gun
  34. Perfect my archery skills
  35. Leverage my crafting and sewing skills into something that earns me money
  36. Own a dog again
  37. Learn how to wear makeup in a way that is sexy and youthful <-- Thanks, YouTube!
  38. Learn how to walk in heels <-- Done, but they still pinch
  39. Try pilates <--- Actually bad for my joints! Striking it for health reasons.
  40. Don't sweat the small stuff <-- It's all small stuff.

I can see some flaws in my logic, and I feel like there are more goals for me to add. But overall, I'd say I'm making good progress!

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