Humpday Confessions & Friday Confessional: Here it goes again...

Vodka and Soda


You know how I went on a cleanse for health purposes in August? The results of that prompted more, serious tests.

I confess...
Learning that my following of all the best, science-backed, common-sense-approach advice about diet for the past 25 years actually made things worse? Not a happy moment. There may have been creative use of some expletives.
As it turns out: health is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing.

I confess...
If I could get a job where I play with kittens and puppies all day, and it paid enough to finish off my debt and bills and buy me a house (where the landlord can't boot you when he wants to sell), and I never had to hear bad news, I'd probably be okay.

I confess...
Since that job doesn't exist (my guidance counselor was filled with LIES), I'll be going on an extreme low-histamine, low-inflammation, don't-upset-my-broken-tummy diet. I'm calling it the Nothing Tasty Ever Again diet.

I confess...
If this blog gets a bit bitchy over the next 2 weeks, and a bit mopey around Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's Eve, it's only because I can't eat anything that I love.

No, that's not true- I still get to eat rice.

Just no coffee, chocolate, cheese, alcohol of any kind, tomatoes, avocados, gluten, yeast, fruit juices, carbonated anything, fermented anything, pickled anything, tea, spices, smoked fish, cured goes on. And on.

I confess...
I'm combatting my huge list of "no" with some "yes":
YES to more blog giveaways over the next 3 months or so (well, starting in Nov)!
YES to another Printcess collection release!
YES to more reading and book reviews!
YES to seasonal nail art that even a no-talent hack like myself can do!
YES to gaming with Fedora (right now, it's Diablo III, and my witch doctor is awesome)
YES to working on lowering my daily stress (amusingly, though the power of no)

TL;DR: Please be patient with the upcoming storm of emotions that may spill onto this blog.

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