Introducing the Noir Collection!

Hard-boiled private eyes, deadly dames, twisty mysteries, and crooked cops- the detective novel is a genre that captures the hope and the cynicism of the 30's and 40s.

Let's celebrate the cat-and-mouse game between the calloused P.I. and a host of shady characters in this new Printcess collection.

You can feel the cold kiss of steel with this matte dark grey. It's perfect for smokey eye looks, and as a powder eyeliner.

Did you see my review for The Thousand Dollar Tan Line? Female private dicks are the tops. And so is this shimmering metallic hue that defies description. It doesn't look like much in the container, but this highly-reflective newly-minted-bronze color is eye catching and goes great with every shade.

Femme Fatale
She's strong-willed and sly, manipulating the detective from the shadows while remaining mysterious, powerful, and alluringly sexy. What other color will do for that kind of power than this burnished, metallic gold?

Corrupt or moral, detectives, beat cops, and judges all crop up in hardboiled novels. The law is a harsh mistress, and not always a just one, but this soft, subtle pink is smooth and gorgeous.

The Chase
A plethora of film noir were written based off hardboiled detective novels, but that's not what this color is about. This is about the cat-and-mouse game between the good guy and the bad guy, the thrill of adrenaline when the stakes are up and the chips are down, and no happy endings are expected. This shimmering sky blue will surprise even the most hardened private eye.

Guilty or presumed so, our favorite characters are searching for their alibi to avoid suspicion falling on them. Like it's name-sake, this shade is a must-have for all skin and eye colors. It's a soft, subtle pink with blue shimmers. It layers as a topper over anything, and also works wonders as a brow bone and inner eye highlight.

We're all guilty of something.
This shimmering green is guilty of being a great complement to any look. It's a chameleon, adding a pop of shiny light green when layered over other hues, and surprising even the most diehard gumshoe.

A lie, an affair, a theft, a murder, but usually all of the above. The soft, velvety burgundy shifts from glowing red to velvet pink in different lights, and will keep you from feeling too much of your conscience.

It can condemn or exonerate, but either way, it speaks for itself. This taupe brown is made for neutral eye looks, and stands up to scrutiny in court.

This matte dark blue is shady, without being relegated to the seedier parts of town. It's as compelling as that breadcrumb of logic that's necessary for a detective to follow.

Hard Boiled
The term is generally used to describe the Sam Spade type of detective: he's gritty, lives on coffee and cigarettes alone, has connections in the seedy underbelly of the city, is willing to get beat up to get the info he needs, and is persistent in doing the job he was hired to do. This yolky mustard yellow, like the hardboiled detective, is not for the faint of heart.

Detectives in noir follow their gut instincts as often (or more so) than a hard lead. It's that kind of finely-honed natural suspicion that keeps them in business. This soft, foggy grey-green is the color of intuition, subtle and sweet.

Which of these noir colors is your favorite?

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