November Goals

Monthly Goals

October Goals Recap
  • Craft a little every day (knit/crochet, right now) <---SUCCESS! Getting through my yarn a little at a time
  • Save $1,000 toward the hopeful future house purchase <---SUCCESS! I hope I can keep it up!
  • Celebrate Samhain in some way <--FAIL. Too tired.
  • Rock a costume at work for Halloween <---SUCCESS! Sort of. Dressed up, last minute, as Merida from Brave. It was a rough day, though.
  • Finish off the garden (and see if potatoes will grow here in Autumn) <---SUCCESS! And no, nothing is growing after October's monsoon. My poor garlic :(
  • Post more beauty tutorials <-- SUCCESS! Well, 2. Got beauty questions/ideas? Tutorials you want to see?
  • Cook 1 Pinned breakfast recipe every Sun morning <---SUCCESS! Only 1, though, before this stupid diet happened
  • Cook 1 Pinned dinner recipe every Sat evening <---SUCCESS! Only 2, though
  • Cook 1 Pinned side dish recipe every week <---SUCCESS! Only 1, though. Can't cook any of my pins right now. :(
  • Make more freezer crockpot meals (Saturdays) for the month <---SUCCESS! And then I had to stop, because of this low histamine diet.

My Halloween mantel decor:

November Goals
  • Release the Printcess Noir collection!
  • Celebrate TG with the Bay Area family
  • Read read read read read (three reviews/week!)
  • Save $1,000 toward the hopeful future house purchase
  • Plan our Wizarding World of Harry Potter trip
  • Stick to this new low-histamine and leaky gut diet no matter what, despite Thanksgiving, Christmas, parties, etc.
  • Post more beauty tutorials
  • Co-host the 12 Days of Christmas swap with Miss Angie

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