Easy Printcess Date Night Eyes

With holiday parties, office events, Christmas activities and NYE coming up, I wanted to share with you one of my fail proof date-night looks. 

It's a neutral look (don't worry- no crazy colors!) that looks good on every skin tone and eye color. I did it using Printcess colors (of course), but stay within the matte neutral/warm color family and you'll be fine with any brand.

What you need:
A soft eyeshadow brush
A shaped eyeshadow brush
A blending brush
A flat-edged brush (for liner- optional, as you can use an eyeliner pencil instead if you prefer)

A flesh-toned neutral shade for your crease (Evidence)
A warm shimmery highlight shade for your brow bone (Manuscript)
A warm mauve/orchid for your life (Royals)
A darker burgundy for your outside wedge (Crime)
A grey or black for your liner (Trigger)

Don't be intimidated by that list- it's easy, pretty quick, and works great even for beginners!

Want to kick it up a notch? Add false eyelashes!

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