Camellia Oil Beauty Review

Pure, cold-pressed camellia oil from is a fantastic moisturizer. Only one or two drops will do for your entire face! It's naturally rich in omega-9 fatty acids (moisturizing), polyphenols (anti-aging), vitamin E (healing), and plant collagens (skin plumping), plus it's free of fragrance and preservatives. You can use it anywhere you have dry skin, but also as a leave-in conditioner for your hair (1-2 drops spread over your hands, then worked into hair from the middle of your hair to the ends).

And what the heck is camellia oil? That was my question, too. It's pressed from Camellia japonica, a flower native to Japan, also known as the Tsubaki. It's primarily an emollient, which softens skin and hair, and a transdermal carrier oil (meaning it goes below the surface of skin for actual, lasting moisturizing without clogging pores). It increases skin's elasticity, which helps repair sun damage, wrinkles, add luster, etc.

(Tsubaki, as per Wikipedia)

I found it to have a creamy texture (not what I'd describe as oily, despite it being an oil). It absorbed pretty quickly, and I was tempted to use more than 2 drops but I restrained myself. I rubbed it between my palms to distribute it in a fine layer, and then patted it all over my (cleaned and dry) face and neck.

I will be also using this amazing moisturizer on my nails and cuticles, elbows and knees, and (currently cracked) heels. This stuff truly works anywhere and doesn't leave an oily residue. (As you can tell by my nails in these photos, I've been using it since Feb 1st or so, daily, to ensure it truly moisturizes without clogging pores.)

I love that is a small business based in California (Pasadena). They have more all-natural beauty oils than anywhere else I've found thus far, and at $5-$11 per product (about 2 fluid ounces) they're also truly affordable. As with all carrier oils, and especially as natural, cold-pressed oils, you want to keep these out of sunlight and away from heat (i.e. not next to the heating vent).

*I received this product from Tomoson in exchange for my honest review.

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