Beabies Teether Necklace and Bracelet review

It's that time of the decade, when my friends are procreating and making adorable droolie babies for us 'aunty' types to cuddle (and then pass back when they are stinky).

As usual, I embrace this with gusto. If you didn't know, shopping for baby clothes and gear is fantastic good fun. Everything is adorable and wee and, these days, you can even skip the over-gender-biasing via colors.

One thing I've learned as an 'aunty' type is that babies put everything into their mouths. Especially jewelry, while you're holding them. This is doubly true when they're teething. That's where the genius of products like this teether necklace and bracelet come in.

(to get an idea of the length)

It's pretty fashion-forward and goes with everything (I got it in grey, for ultimate matching of any outfit). Mom can wear jewelry that's safe for baby to gnaw on.

(pop-open safety clasp)

(bracelet has elastic for expandability)

Overall, this is a great gift option for pregnant friends, especially fashionable ones.

* I received this from Tomoson in exchange for my honest review. 

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