Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit Review + Giveaway

I've never in my life tried teeth whitening, though I've always been curious. So when SmileBrilliant reached out to me about reviewing their kit, I was totally on board. I didn't expect their level of customer service, which was really nice- Marty called me to talk about the product, how it works, what my expectations should be, etc. He even sent their desensitizing gel because I have sensitive teeth!

It really shouldn't be called a 'teeth whitening', but a 'teeth stain removal'. Because nobody's teeth are actually white, and this doesn't make them white- it makes them less brownish/greyish/yellowish.

The kit comes like this- but step 1 is making an impression of your teeth, which you send back to them to make a personal mold of your teeth, so the whitening trays fit well.

The instructions are pretty straightforward and easy to follow.

You basically mix two putties together, spread them in a tray, then bite partway down into them.


That's my chompers impression, of which they made a tooth tray mold.

It took two days to receive the impression kit (after ordering). Included in the kit is an addressed, pre-paid envelope for returning the impressions to SmileBrilliant. About three days after I popped mine in the mail, I received an email from SmileBrilliant verifying that they'd received my impressions and were making a mold, and one when my trays were sent. (Gotta love that level of service!)

So from the putty impression they cast a plaster mold, and from the plaster mold they make a plastic custom fitted tray. This custom fitted tray means the bleaching mixture applies evenly across the front of my teeth, so there aren't any spots or patches that are missed. It also makes it easy and comfortable  to wear the trays with the bleaching mixture (as the directions call for them to be worn for 1 hour at a time, every day, for 1-3 weeks).

The trays came to me only a few days after they were received, and another email notified me of it. 

And the whole process couldn't have been easier. Just inject the bleaching gel into the trays (a little bit goes a long way) on the front part (for the front of the teeth).

The trays fit so well, I barely noticed they were there. It took a few tries for me to figure out how much product to use (less than I initially thought) and to stop playing with the trays with my tongue.

The teeth, before whitening.
I consider them "ecru".

After the first application (I kept the trays in for an hour) I got odd white spots in areas (see circles) and a little bit of irritation in my gums. That could easily have been because it was recommended that I floss before using the whitening gel and I almost never floss normally.

It turns out those white spots are decalcification from dehhydration, and they lessened considerably after a few days.

After 3 days of using, I noticed that my teeth felt sensitive to cold more than usual (I was using their sensitive teeth gel after whitening, for 30 minutes). 
So I paused for two days, then used the whitening trays. I kept on like that, two days off, one day on, for three weeks.

Here's how it was as of Week 3, when I ceased whitening:

You can tell that it definitely brightened my teeth up! I love that the yellowness is gone. I also love that there's enough product in my kit to do this routine at least 2 more times. 

I don't know if the gel keeps for an extended period, but if it does I will definitely be doing this the month before my wedding!

And because Smile Brilliant is AWESOME, they're giving away store credit worth $139.95, which is equal to custom Teeth Whitening Trays + 3 whitening gel syringes and 3 desensitizing gel syringes (which is what I got) or custom Teeth Whitening Trays + 6 whitening gel syringes to one of my readers.

Enter here on the Smile Brilliant website
It ends 3/23.

* I received a Smile Brilliant whitening kit in exchange for my honest review.

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