Book Review: Daughter of Troy

Synopsis according to Goodreads:
"The rightful-born queen of Lyrnessos, Briseis watched helplessly from the battlements as her husband and brothers were crushed by the invincible army of King Agamemnon. Taken into slavery, the proud, beautiful seer became the prize of Prince Achilles, the conquering Greeks' mightiest hero. But passion forged chains stronger than any iron, binding the hearts of captive and captor with a love that knew no equal, and when Troy fell, great Achilles promised his beloved Briseis would reign at his side as queen of Thessaly. Yet the jealousy of a ruthless king and the whims of the capricious deities would deny the lovers their happiness. As the flames of war rose higher around them, the prophetess vowed to save the beloved warrior for whom her dark gift foretold doom -- even if it meant defying the gods themselves. "

Daughter of Troy is not exactly a love story, or at least, not as we'd categorize it in modern times. It's more of a well-researched historical fiction that centers around a princess, and involves love (at its pinnacle in her time). 

Despite the fact that this story is a fictional retelling of the Trojan War, and takes place during the Bronze Age, I felt like each character was understandable (and many were relatable). It's the mark of a good author when you can recognize personalities, but not framed in modern thinking, in an historical fiction. So in that respect, I was caught up in the story and really enjoyed it.

I'm marking it as not beloved, because I felt like I was left wanting more. We see Briseis from age 10 or so until the Fall of Troy, framed in her recounting of her youth to a jaded Homer. But after all this growing up with Briseis, her story basically ends at that point. I wanted MORE. 

Aside from that, it was a thoroughly enjoyable story- educational wrapped in entertaining, even though the world is so different from our own. Certainly it's got sexy moments, and romance, but it felt more like a drama than anything else to me.

I recommend it for fans of Greek mythology, ancient history, and historical fiction. Also, if you felt as I did about The Song of Achilles, you might enjoy this alternate look at the same trio of characters. (spoiler alert: Patroclus is always awesome).

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