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I've told you about Born Pretty Store before, and you know you can get a discount using the code above, but now I'm back with my official review of their products. I actually received some products in exchange for this honest review AND ordered some products (separately) that I'm reviewing here as well. Full disclosure, and all.

I put the order in on 3/10, and received these on 4/10

Peacock necklace and earring set
This was so disappointing. It lacks all of the definition shown in the product photo on their website, and the colors are slap-dash and some are even missing. Who applied the color to this- a newborn? Not pleased.

Arwen's Evenstar Necklace.
This one is slightly less disappointing in that it looks relatively how it's supposed to. BUT you can see that half of it looks like it has dirt in the grooves. I'd guess that the silver plating or paint or whatnot was just left off it, but the result is half-assed. And the all of the rhinestones are shown on the website to be relatively the same length, which clearly isn't the case with the one I received.

I put the order in on 3/7, it was shipped 3/19 and I received these on 4/8

Weaponry Pens! I got the bow and arrow set.
It works just fine as a dark ink pen. I didn't try firing the pen arrow, but you can see the bow part holds tension with the included rubber band, so it's possible to be shot.
It looks like they have these as spears, swords, etc. as well.
Verdict: Worth the $1, will make a great stocking stuffer or office chuckle.

Camera Ring.
I got this as a gift for a friend. This copper beauty is adjustable to finger size. It looks like hand-beaten copper (by design) and isn't terribly detailed.
Verdict: Disappointing. It's cute but not nearly as detailed and pretty as what it was shown to be. The ring functions fine and looks relatively solid, but I thought I was buying something nicer.

Nail Art Dotting Tools.
These are double-ended, so there's 10 different sized dotting tools in all. They're a great thickness and fit comfortably in my hand. I'll be getting a lot of use out of them.
Verdict: Awesome. I definitely recommend them for nail art lovers.

Cat in a Box memo stickers.
When assembled, this adorable memo sticker pad in cat form sits inside the box. They come in dog breeds, as well. Be aware: they are randomly selected. I got two, and requested one cat breed and one dog breed and I ended up with two of the exact same (not requested) cat breed. I wish they'd at least given me two different things.
Verdict: Worth the $1. All of the designs are cute, and while there aren't a lot of stickers they're usable and great for decorating your office.

Mini Lipstick.
I wanted to try a new-for-me color without investing in a full-size, expensive lipstick. It turns out, bright pink looks pretty horrible on me. All the available shades are variations of pink.
What amazed me was the creaminess and staying power of this. I put on a think coat and it lasted for four hours, through eating and drinking. I had to forcibly remove it! And it didn't dry out my lips at all.
Verdict: Totally worth it. Acted as a great lipstick, in travel form.

Bronze-Plated Mermaid Bookmark.
She's hefty enough to make me think she's real metal and actually bronze plated. Great detail, two-sided, and the hanging charm reads "Made for You". I got it as a gift for a mermaid-loving friend, so that was perfect.
Verdict: Awesome. It works well as a bookmark, and isn't too thick but seems high quality enough to last.

Combination of $1/Three Item Gift Pack and $1/Two Item Water Nail Decal Gift Pack.
Since these were grab bags, I didn't know what to expect. And I was terribly disappointed with the 3-Item gift pack and pleasantly surprised with the 2-Item gift pack.
The three item one is on the left. Those tweenie decals, plastic pink nail studs, and basketball team (which, I don't know) decals were a waste of $1. I won't use any of them. Anybody want them? Free to a good home.
The two item pack is on the right. Those Kahlo-esque and fairy-swirl patterns will definitely get used.  They're gorgeous, and prettier than anything I could freehand.
Verdict: Mixed. Picking a specific format for the gift pack seems to yield better results. Expect cheap castoff anything if you go for the general gift pack.

Rose Ring.
This item cinched it for me. I bought 75 of them, at a wholesale rate, for giving to folks at the upcoming Beauty and the Beast convention. Because that ring is gorgeous, and inexpensive.
Unfortunately, this is another one whose actual design differs so much from the listing photo it's criminal. There's zero leaf details and the rose looks smooshed. Also, this ring is not adjustable in size and it only fit on my very slim size 5 pinky finger (meaning very folks would be able to wear it).
Verdict: Disappointing. I'm seeking a refund.

Arrow Ear Cuff.
It's been ages since I wore an ear cuff, so I was excited to try them out again. This one is moldable, so I can fit it to my ear in relative comfort. The size is good- not too huge, but big enough to be visible (when my hair is up).
The only disappointment is that, once again, there's very little detail. I think they've got an issue with their jewelry molds. This one wasn't as bad as either ring, just a minor complaint.
Verdict: Worth the $2, if you like ear cuffs, though expect a less awesome version of what you ordered.

$1/Two-Item Stamping Plate Gift Pack.
I gambled on some stamping plates. And I was pleasantly surprised! They arrived protected, unscratched, and most of these designs are sized well enough to fit on my nails. The designs are all feminine and pretty, so I will definitely be using this.
Verdict: Awesome. More than worth the money, and I assume this means all of their stamping plates are good value for the price.

They sent me an adorable freebie!
This kitty-topper pen writes in generous black ink. It hasn't run dry once, so it's become my go-to pen at work. When it eventually dies, I'll be ordering another one.

While the jewelry was all disappointing, most of the nail art goodies and all of the beauty and office supply goodies were awesome. If this is representative of their general offering, I'd say they're worth it. Shipping takes forever, but the prices are soooooo low. And almost everything on their site makes a great gift or care package filler.
Just be aware of potential quality concerns where metal jewelry is concerned.
And their customer service is very responsive, so don't hesitate to ask questions.

I'm pleased to say, they responded to my refund request within 5 days, and were very understand and apologetic. Although this will take some time (overseas shipping being very slow and all), I'm impressed with their level of customer service.

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