Handmade Love: You Win or You Die

So bear with me and please refrain from spoilers, as I'm (frustratingly) THREE WHOLE SEASONS behind on Game of Thrones. But like everybody else, I love it. I might even love the TV series better than the books (don't judge me).

1. Dragon Ear Cuff by Silver Elf Jewelry

2. Drogo and Daenearys Mugs by Yellow Sun Lisa

3. Green Dragon Egg Pendant by Pendant Lab

4. House Stark Watercolor Print by Watercolor Book

5. Funny Game of Thrones Card by She Makes, She Bakes

6. Antique Brass Charm (reminds me of Renly's crown) by Predestination

7. Varys/The Spider lip gloss by Merchant of Gallifrey

8. Valar Morghulis Chocolate Coins by Shire Post Mint

9. House Mormont Sigil Plaque (my house!) by Fab Works

10. Game of Thrones Pillow by Ponder & Dream

Which is YOUR GoT house?

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