Sweet Anthem's New Enchanted Fragrances Collection Review

During Fairytale Fortnight, but totally unrelated to it, scent genius Meredith of Sweet Anthem perfumes released a new collection. And since I was wrapped up in all things fairytale, I had to buy some samples of these four new fragrances. For science!

Snow White
To my nose, it smells: like it just started raining in an old cyprus grove, light and innocent and perfect for daytime wearing.

According to the perfumer: Bright green petit grain, apricot-tinged osmanthus blossoms, on a base of sheer, woodsy vetiver.

I'm a fan. It smells as innocent as Snow White is, without being saccharine or cloying at all. My standout favorite.

Fedora says: "Smells good. I like it."

Briar Rose
To my nose, it smells: like warmed fireweed honey

According to the perfumerSultry beeswax, a waxy rose otto, bright tomato leaf, and white amber to soften the affair.

While the smell isn't bad or offensive, it really isn't me.

Fedora says: "Hrm. This one isn't as good as Snow White."

Red Queen
To my nose, it smells: like honeyed black tea in a rose garden

According to the perfumerAll smoke and leather, a drunken rose, ripe fig, and white pepper.

This one is 100% Spring. It's sweet, slightly woodsy, and a bit creamy. Definitely my second favorite.

Fedora says: "That one's not bad. I can't decide if I like it better than Snow White, or not."

Black Queen
To my nose, it smells: like something dangerous and forbidden, with an undercurrent of apples.

According to the perfumer: A dark, green blend of apple, melon-y linden blossom, damp oakmoss, and smoky tonka bean.

I like the scent, but it doesn't feel quite "me". Interestingly, I can't pick out one distinct smell here. The apple is subtle, but everything else is so fluid it just smells like something someone dangerous and mysterious would wear.

Fedora says: "That one's okay, but not as good as Red Queen and Snow White."

If you're considering a new perfume, I highly recommend Sweet Anthem. I've been a loyal customer of their for seven years, and I have yet to find my one and only favorite- I have a Top 10. Which, of course, changes as new scents are unveiled and old scents get retired. But all of them are high quality, complex, and so well-blended that I often have to use metaphor to convey the scent.

I'm a big fan of supporting small, female-owned businesses and Sweet Anthem is no exception.

*I bought these items with my own cashy money. I'm just so in love with them, I wanted to share.

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