Handmade Love: Once Upon a Time in New York City

I'm flying to the Beauty and the Beast Convention right now, so it seemed appropriate to continue flooding my blog with BatB goodies this week.

1. Cherry Wood Pendant by Art Afire

2. Fan Art Fundido A6 Card by Sonia Corral Art

3. Vincent Pendant by Geekropology

4. Osiria Hybrid Rose Seeds by One Flower Shop

5. Handcarved Wooden Chess Set by Nata Trade

6. Medieval Tapestry Choker Necklace by Morticia Snow

7. Petite Lion Heart Necklace by Moon Raven Designs

8. Raccoon Upcycled Art Print by Collage-o-Rama

9. White Rose and Quartz Crystal Necklace by Fantasy Creations 1

10. Poetry Lasercut Wood Journal by Pigsey Art

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