Rocksbox Subscription Jewelry Review

So I took advantage of an amazing offer and tried Rocksbox for free.

Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service (like Gwynnie Bee, for for accessories) that sends you sets of designer jewelry for a monthly subscription fee ($29, $79, or $149 depending on length of membership).
You can wishlist items (including items on their Instagram account, by commenting with the hashtag #wishlist, which is pretty nifty). They build a set around your wish listed items, sending you 3 items in each shipment. When you're tired of those, you return them for free...or if you love them, you can buy them for a discount.
I'm not a big designer jewelry person BUT I'd like to be more put-together, and I think understanding things like statement jewelry is part of that.

I was happy with the fact that I could dictate what type of metal I prefer wearing, and what type(s) of jewelry I like (i.e. never send me bracelets), as well as my personal style.
I was also impressed with their customer service, which was prompt in responding and took ownership of all of their decisions (knowing, for instance, my stylist's name and being able to exchange messages with her and make requests, was really impressive). I love the fact that my stylist coordinated pieces and adapted future sets based on my feedback from previous sets.
Also, you can earn points through reviewing jewelry and referring friends, and those points further lower the cost of any purchased jewelry (I received, but didn't use, a $10 gift certificate to any purchase just for signing up!)
I was really impressed with their unboxing experience as well:
All of the items in this post are goodies I got over the course of the month. I think it's safe to say I couldn't afford ANY of them, outside of this service. So it was really fun to get a chance to play dress-up, as well as step outside my jewelry comfort zone.

The only thing that disappointed me about Rocksbox was the time it took to get my next set. I understand why (it's SO personalized), but I was bummed that after 30 days, I only received two sets of jewelry.

*I paid for this with my own cashy money and am sharing my impression of it with you, because I know subscription services are hit-or-miss. Any and all reviews on them, in my opinion, are truly valuable. So here ya go!

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