Friday Confessional, Printcess Giveaway Winner & The Last-Ever Nail Files

It's time to announce the winner of the Printcess eyeshadow giveaway! Are you excited?

I used a random number generator to select the winning row (starting with #2, because line #1 on the Google Doc is the header).

Congratulations, Jolene!
Please email me your four choices (which can include any colors I've ever made, discontinued or not, in any collection) and I'll get those shipped to you ASAP.

And what about the results??

You guys certainly surprised me! I did not expect a three-way tie- but there it is. Manuscript and Prologue came very close, and on the other end of the spectrum there was no love for Characters (whomp whomp).

So, starting Monday I'll be cutting the Literature collection down to just Deus Ex Machina, Plot, and Villain in my Etsy, Storenvy, and Tictail shops.


I confess...
Monday, the tree removal guys took out the offending maples (plus our super-bushy laurel and half-dead evergreen). If you are doing any planting of bushes, shrubs, or trees PLEASE do yourself (and future tenants) a favor and plan for the space the thing will take up once fully grown. 

I confess...
The maple thing makes me want to slap whichever owners planted it across the face, with a carp.  This is not only a health-destroying stressor and major, major inconvenience, it's also an enormous expense. And all signs point to the sellers being aware of this issue before putting the house on the market, and concealing it from us.
(except I'd like the carp to be covered in spikes and poison ivy)

I confess...
I'm grateful that I received both my Local Flavor Swap package and my first #otspsecretsister gift this week. Happy mail is a great counterbalance to unexpected expense and mounting stress. Thank you, lovely lovelies!

 photo newbutton_zps284b4cd7.jpg

It's the final Nail Files. Are you sad? I'm sad!
I'm really grateful for Jennie's hosting of this, though, which got me into nail polish in a whole new (obsessive) way! I'm making a promise to myself to continue honing my stamping skills, and making fun manis, even though the blog isn't holding me accountable for them anymore.

I was thinking I'd do something complex, but then the whole main sewer line backup got even worse, and I just couldn't deal with anything else in life failing, so I decided not to chance it.

This is ChickPickPolish 'Neon Purple' and Nina Ultra Pro 'Gilded', in honor of Jennie's enjoyment of neon and glitter.

This is a blacklight-reactive polish...sadly, our blacklight (and so much else) is packed in the garage somewhere. I need the energy to just go on an unpacking spree some Saturday!

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